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Pancreatic cancer rising ...
Sep 5, 2019 -
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Medical Advisory Board

Pharmacist Consultant


Melanie McIvor

Melanie was a graduate of the Dalhousie Pharmacy Program in 2015 and she recently completed her Hospital Pharmacy Residency through Dalhousie College of Pharmacy at The Moncton Hospital.

Melanie is a dedicated individual with a passion for excellent patient care. She enjoys educating patients on their medication, promoting patient education.




Translational Research


 Robin Urquhart

Robin’s primary research interests relate to understanding and optimizing the movement of evidence-based innovations into clinical practice as well as the interface between evidence-based medicine and policy.

Robin uses multiple methods in her research, including linked administrative health data, systematic reviews, and case study and qualitative methods.

The ultimate aim of her work is to improve our ability to implement and sustain innovations that improve the organization, delivery, and outcomes of cancer care.


Basic Research


Jeanette Boudreau

Jeanette investigates how human natural killer cell immunogenetics program immune responsiveness to cancer and infectious diseases. She uses bioinformatics, humanized in vivo models, cell-signal analysis, and highly-parametric flow cytometry to understand how genetic variation creates diversity in human immune potentials.

Her interdisciplinary and collaborative work aims to translate research findings into precision therapies.

Research Consultant

Jayne Sierens

Jayne Sierens is the Integrated Project Manager of Institutional Awards at the QEII Health Sciences Centre (NSHA) and the IWK Health Centre’s Research Services offices, in Halifax.

Jayne is responsible for the facilitation of large scale institutional awards such as Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency funds, Canadian Foundation for Innovation and CIHR Foundation Schemes.

Jayne collaborates with the researchers at both hospitals, to provide support with business development, funding application, managing post-award agreements, IP contracts, award finalization and reporting.

With a Molecular Biology PhD (University of Edinburgh) and post doctoral experience (PHI,  Melbourne, Australia), Jayne can relate to the researchers from an academic and administrative perspective.

Surgical Oncologist

Mark Walsh

Dr. Mark Walsh is a surgeon in the General Surgery department at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. He is a Hepatobiliary / Pancreatic / Transplant Surgeon with a passion to treat and support patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Surgical Oncologist

Michele Molinari

Dr. Michele Molinari is a surgeon in the General Surgery department at the QEII Health Sciences Centre. He is a Hepatobiliary / Pancreatic / Transplant Surgeon with a passion to treat and support patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

Michele’s research interests include; Clinical Epidemiology of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diseases, Liver Transplantation Outcome Research, Clinical Decision Making



Medical Oncologist

     Ravi Ramjeesingh

Dr. Ramjeesingh holds an MD and PhD from the University of Toronto.

Dr. Ramjeesingh focuses his clinical practice on treatment of breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancers, including hepatocellular carcinoma, pancreatic and cholangiocarcinomas, and melanoma. His primary research interests include translational and health services research, and oncology education of residents and medical students.



      Pierre Schmit

Dr. Pierre Schmit worked for three years under Cl. Fauré during which his interest and orientation developed in pediatric imaging and more specificly MSK imaging. He then successively worked as a part time staff radiologist in Bicêtre Hospital and Necker-Enfants Malades university hospitals.  

During these two positions, he was also involved in a pediatric imaging private practice. Finally, he landed in Halifax in January 2006.





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