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Sep 5, 2019 -
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Clinical Trials

Consider Clinical Trials as an immediate option, not only as a last resort.

Clinical Trials (Clinical Studies or Interventional Studies) are research studies designed to explore a medical strategy, treatment, product (drug or device) or a change to procedures or to a participant’s behaviour (ie. diet). The effect of the product or approach is unknown. The process has usually been designed to compare a new medical approach to one that is already available or to a placebo (contains no active ingredients) or to no intervention.

Generally, clinical trials start with small groups of participants, to find out whether a new approach causes any harm to humans. If the initial results show promise, the clinical trial size may increase. Before a clinical trial starts, the research must prove that the trial follows strict scientific standards and will remain safe for participants.

The goal of a clinical trial is to produce the best data available for health care decision making. The results of these clinical trials are important because they advance medical knowledge and help improve patient care.

Note: It is important to understand that participants must be eligible. This means that they must meet the listed protocol. These standards are referred to as eligibility criteria. Participants must meet a list of standards or they will be disqualified.

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