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Pancreatic cancer rising ...
Sep 5, 2019 -
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Early Signs and Symptoms
In order for more patients to be diagnosed earlier, it is important to be aware of the early
symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

If you or your loved one experiences any one of the following symptoms, it is
recommended that you consult your physician and state your concern(s). If possible,
ask to have blood work and an ultra sound of your pancreas.

1- New onset of diabetes in patients older than 45 without any family history of diabetes
and with normal body mass index (not obese).
2- Unplanned weight loss.
3- Recurrent mal-digestion.
4- Change in the consistency of the stools (bad odor, oily and floating in the toilet water,
loose bowel movements).
5- Decreased appetite.

Late Signs and Symptoms of pancreatic cancer

1- New onset of back pain especially in the belt area.
2- Weight loss of more than 10% of the original body weight.
3- Dark urine and pale stools associated with painless jaundice.
4- Recurrent nausea and vomiting.

Blood work that should be obtained from the physicians is:

1- White and red blood count
2- Liver function tests including total bilirubin and alkaline phosphatase
3- Amylase and lipase
4- Glucose level and HbA1C
5- Tumor markers: CEA, CA 19.9

Becoming you or your loved ones advocate is strongly suggested.

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